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Supercharge your maintenance ops team

Automate routine in-store maintenance support and supercharge your ops team with Sprygg's AI-powered Experience Platform.

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Technology & Services

Sprygg's intuitive technology and vast technician network reduces your maintenance ops team's workload, allowing them to handle more work orders with less effort. 

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AI-Powered Experience Platform

Sprygg automatically transcribes service calls, captures critical job requirements, schedules technicians and optimizes services costs so you can reduce your maintenance P&L.

Dedicated Team

Each Sprygg client is assigned a Client Services Coordinator (CSC) to facilitate work orders that need a human touch. Sprygg CSCs act as an extension of your maintenance team.

Technician Network

Sprygg clients get access to our national network of 1000+ trusted trade professionals. You can also add your trusted network to the platform for greater end-to-end efficiency. 


Experience The Difference


Sprygg makes resolving maintenance issues easy by seamlessly coordinating central operations teams, on-site employees and trades professionals to keep your locations running at peak performance.

Reaching Out

Connect with the Sprygg team today to see how Sprygg's modern technology and services team can resolve maintenance issues quickly while reducing overhead for you and your team.

Defining Your Needs

Once you reach out to Sprygg, someone on the team will provide additional information and answer any questions you might have.

You're In Control

Sprygg clients are always in control of the work order proccess. Sprygg follows all approval protocols and operating procedures of your business.


Streamlining Operations

Client 1

Our client, a prominent national retailer, found out that one of their stores suffered from overnight vandalism:

"Our location experience vandalism last night and we need to fix the window ASAP, it's a hazard for employees and customers."


  • Same-date emergency board up

  • Custom glass fabrication and installation within 48 hours”

Client 2

Our client, a prominent QSR, had staff report of a leaking refrigerator at the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend.

“Cooler is leaking water and doors don't close properly. Can someone come take a look before the holiday weekend?”


  • Technician performed same-day assessment

  • Ice build up on coils and around shelves. The dram hose was also not properly sealed.

  • Technician defrosted the unit, properly sealed the entrance and replaced the thermostat.

  • Unit is functioning properly.


Optimizing Relationships

  • Conducted in-depth analysis

  • Onboarded high-quality, aligned vendors

  • Established performance review protocols



Transparent Pricing

  • Implemented centralized pricing system

  • Cost breakdowns and competitive pricing

  • Introduced industry benchmarking


Simplifying Repairs

  • Standardized repair process

  • Launched digital tracking platform

  • Reduced turnaround times

Ready for support that actually gets it?

Connect with us for a consultation – it’s custom-made for you, because your business deserves nothing less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of maintenance services do you offer?

How can I request a service quote?

Do you offer service packages or contracts?

What are your service area coverage and hours?

How do you handle emergency maintenance issues?

What is your pricing structure for maintenance services? 

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