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Reduce your maintenance cost

Your Space. Our Expertise. Depend on Sprygg for planned maintenance, emergency repairs, and optimizing every square inch of your commercial space.

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Experience the Difference

We are your partner in ensuring your customers have an excellent in-store experience. Our approach integrates simplifying operations, maximizing budgets, and harnessing the power of analytics.

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Simplifying Operations Needs

​We streamline maintenance needs, transforming complex challenges into straightforward solutions for enhanced efficiency and reliability

Maximizing Maintenance Budgets

Our strategies focus on maximizing maintenance budgets, ensuring optimal use of resources for cost-effective and impactful results

Transparency Through Analytics

By leveraging data and analytics, we provide unparalleled transparency, offering clear insights and informed strategies to guide decision-making.


Getting Started


Sign up, get set, and go! Our streamlined onboarding quickly integrates you into our maintenance services, ensuring you receive tailored support and efficient care from day one.

Reaching Out

Initial contact sets the stage for our collaboration. We’re eager to hear from you and learn how we can meet your maintenance and emergency repair needs.

Defining Your Needs

In this phase, we’ll discuss and understand exactly what you need. We ensure our services are perfectly aligned with your expectations and objectives.

Seal The Deal

The last step in our process formalizes our commitment to you. We outline our services and your expectations so that we can partner confidently and get to work!


Streamlining Operations

Client 1

Our client, a prominent national retailer, found out that one of their stores suffered from an overnight break-in:

"Our location has been broken into again. We need someone to board up the window. If we can get there asap, that would be amazing. Thank you"


  • Same-date emergency board up

  • Custom glass fabrication and installation within 48 hours”

Client 2

Our client, a prominent QSR, had staff report of a leaking refrigerator at the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend.

“Cooler is leaking water and doors do not close well. Would appreciate if I tech could visit today to avoid possible temp issues over the weekend.”


  • Technician was on site in less than 24 hours

  • Technician found ice build up on coils and around shelves and dram hose to body was not sealed.

  • Technician defrosted unti, sealed the entrance of warm air within the unit and replaced the defrost thermostat.

  • Unit is functioning properly.


Optimizing Relationships

  • Conducted in-depth analysis

  • Onboarded high-quality, aligned vendors

  • Established performance review protocols



Transparent Pricing

  • Implemented centralized pricing system

  • Cost breakdowns and competitive pricing

  • Introduced industry benchmarking


Simplifying Repairs

  • Standardized repair process

  • Launched digital tracking platform

  • Reduced turnaround times

Ready for support that actually gets it?

Connect with us for a consultation – it’s custom-made for you, because your business deserves nothing less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of maintenance services do you offer?

How can I request a service quote?

Do you offer service packages or contracts?

What are your service area coverage and hours?

How do you handle emergency maintenance issues?

What is your pricing structure for maintenance services? 

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